Update 3.0 - New Name, Feature

Sep 8, 2023

Update 3.0 image

Today we released one of our biggest updates to date and we can't wait tell you more about whats inside!

Introducing, One tap.

With this update comes a new name, OneTap. We're no longer called ZoZo, our team felt like One Tap matches more with what our product does which is allow you to share the content you frequently share and get access to ChatGPT in One Tap on your Keyboard.

Our goal with this rebrand is not only spice up our brand recognition but to make you realize everything you can do in just OneTap.

iCloud Sync

We've added the ability for your Keyboard Shortcut to be synced to all your iOS Devices. We couldn't stand how you had to create all your Keyboard Shortcuts again when you downloaded One Tap on your iPad or Mac. With this update, any Keyboard Shortcut you've already created will also be created on your other iOS Devices.

Improved Photo Shortcuts

We added a small upgrade to our Photo Shortcuts, when you upload your photo it upload in it's fullest quality instead of being compressed.

Sharing Shortcuts

We've now added the ability for you to share individual shortcuts with your friends or family. You can even create a group and invite people to that group allowing anyone with access to this group to use the Keyboard Shortcuts in the group.

Our goal with this feature is to help people collaborate more. You could be on a trip with friends and you could create a group to save your favorite pictures for anyone to access or you could use this feature to create a group for your business employees.

Our team can't wait to see how you all start sharing Keyboard Shortcuts.

That's it for this update, we hope you enjoy these changes!