Introducing One Tap

Oct 31, 2022

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

Introducing ZoZo App.

With OneTap your content is only one tap away on all your iOS Devices.

Share any type of content from your iOS Devices keyboard with Keyboard Shortcuts. Create a custom Keyboard Shortcuts for text phrases, images, videos, files, links, and more inside OneTap app. Once your keyboards are set up you will be able to share your content at any time right from your keyboard at any time.

The same way you have keyboards for stickers, Emoji’s & GIFs, you now have one to share content! Add all the content you frequently use, such as links to social profiles, business documents, your favorite photos, etc, and access it by switching keyboards on your device. It’s that simple!

Gone are the days of searching for content in a million different places, and then having to copy and paste over and over again. With OneTap you have everything you need in a single click, right from your Keyboard.

OneTap Breakdown

It’s never been easier to organize content than it is with OneTap! You can now create up to Two Keyboard Shortcuts for free, load these Keyboard Shortcuts with any type of content. All your content in one place - super fast, super easy, super productive! ֿ

Access & Send Content Through Your Keyboard

In one tap you can switch to the ZoZo’s keyboard, access the content you added, and use it in apps like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, TikTok, WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, Messenger, pretty much ANYWHERE.

Types of Keyboard Shortcuts you can create:

- Texts

- Images

- Videos

- Links

- PDFs

ZoZo Is Best For These Type Of People

- Creators

- Influencers

- Freelancers

- People that work from their phone

Popular Ways To Use OneTap App

- Share links to your social profiles (Twitter, IG, TikTok, etc)

- Share links to your latest social posts

- Share your business plan

- Share the link to your website or businesses website

- Share your favorite photos

- Save Photos / Videos they need to edited

- Share your Resume

- Send Text Phrases (Cold email pitch, investor pitch, etc)

Introducing, OneTap Pro

OneTap Pro unlocks a whole new experience in OneTap, with OneTap Pro you will get access to the following feature: 

- Organize Keyboard Shortcuts in Groups

- Create Unlimited Keyboard Shortcuts

- Access to custom OneTap App icons

- Unlock OneTap custom color schemes

- Access to future features

- Family Members on your iCloud Family Plan get OneTap Pro

Organize your Keyboard Shortcuts with Groups

Keep your Keyboard Shortcuts organized with Groups, Name your groups so you can keep your Keyboard Shortcuts organized.

Unlock OneTap Pro For Your family
OneTap Pro is available to all Family members on your iCloud account. Don’t worry, your family members can see or access the Keyboard Shortcuts you’ve created. They only get access to OneTap Pro features.

Edit Keyboard Shortcuts

Need to add new content to a Keyboard Shortcut? Tap the edit button in the top right of the home page to choose the Keyboard Shortcut you want to edit / update.

Delete Keyboard Shortcut

Tap the edit button in the top right of your home page inside OneTap. Tap on the Keyboard Shortcut you want to delete and then tap the trash icon at the bottom of your screen to delete that Keyboard Shortcut.

Your Privacy Is Protected

Don’t worry, we don’t get access to ANY of your data. All your data & Keyboard Shortcuts you create will be stored on your device, away from us. Your privacy is important to us you deserve to have it.