OneTap Mission - Change the way you store & share content on your Apple Devices

Jun 18, 2024

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Our Mission

It’s 2024 and like you all know, we now live in a digital world. People are constantly looking for new content to consume, create or share.

My question is, why doesn’t current keyboard support the current times?

From the look of things, it seems like the Keyboard is still focused primarily on one thing, typing.

Which is fine, but can’t it do more?

You have Keyboard Apps popping up like SwiftKey, grammarly, etc that are mainly focused on enhancing your typing experience, surprise surprise.

But my question still is, why doesn’t the current keyboard support sharing content?

When our team decided to start building OneTap back in Summer 2022 this is all we could think about. We tried dismissing the thought but it kept popping right back into our heads. 

In fact the thought / idea started consuming our lives. We went from envisioning a new way to utilize your keyboard on iOS to exploring other ways to share information on macOS and visionOS.

That got us thinking, I think we’re focused on something even bigger…

With OneTap our goal is to change the way you store and share content on your Apple Devices.

On iPhone & iPad we utilize the devices Keyboard, use OneTap Keyboard Shortcuts to store data and share it whenever you need to. With the keyboard constantly being present on these two devices we kept the experience very similar.

For Mac and Vision Pro we switched it up the experience just a little.

On Mac you don’t have access to a digital keyboard so what we integrated a Siri Shortcut which displays all the shortcuts you’ve created in OneTap and acts as a replacement for the digital keyboard. 

With OneTap for Mac Siri Shortcut everything you need available to share is only one tap away (pun intended).

On Vision Pro we provide a whole new experience, we offer a digital keyboard but instead of tapping on a Keyboard Shortcut to use Users can drag and drop the keyboard shortcut in the location they want to use it in. 

This experience is like something straight out of Iron Man.

Also on Vision Pro you can use the Digital Keyboard to quickly run Siri Shortcuts that you’ve created since something we can’t added to the keyboard on iPhone / iPad or to OneTap for Mac.

Privacy First

On top of our core vision our team is very passionate about User Privacy. We wanted to make sure we focus on Privacy since we expect users to upload sensitive information to their OneTap Shortcuts. That’s why we built OneTap so that everything you upload is saved locally to your iCloud. The best part is our team doesn’t have access to any of the data you’ve attached to your OneTap Shortcuts.


As we continue to build out OneTap you will continue to see us push the envelope on storing and sharing your content. Our goal is to bring Apples Software up to speed with the current times when it comes to storing / sharing content. Your content should be available to view or share whenever you need it and with OneTap it is, no matter what device you’re on.

We’re excited to see what we can accomplish in the future and at the same time we hope we drive up your productivity.

OneTap Team